Debut EP

Looking at the Walls EP

Die Debüt-EP von Flourishless

Recorded @ RAMA Tonstudio in Mannheim

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Flourishless - Looking At The Walls EP

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looking at the walls

official music video

"and now i'm falling to pieces 

cause i can't find one damn reason

to stay anymore and everything that i found

 is going lost more and more.

Everything i believed in

has been smashed down to the floor"

did i lose you

live @ rama tonstudio

"well i remember the time when we were one;

no matter what i sang - it always was your song;

but now i'm sitting here and you are gone;

and i don't know if you still belong to me;

i can't see."

looking at the walls

live @ five finger sessions

"looking at the walls i built around myself

seeing what i lost - not much that I have left.

thinking i was wrong when i chose my way

sorrow all along, the light - it fades away."


live @ five finger sessions

"das band steht still, weil keiner mehr will,

aber aufhören kommt nicht in frage,

weil ich dich fast so gut kenn' wie du mich

nach so vielen nächten und tagen"

don't you think

live @ spardawelt stuttgart

 don't you think that your heart is a place for you alone?

don't you think that we should start accepting lonesomeness?

don't you think that we are here to watch ourselves grow?

don't you think we trade emotions for accomplishment?


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